Mushroom Cultivation Training


A Total of 26 trainees were trained at Diphupar – A, 4th mile on Mushroom cultivation under the project ‘Skills to Succeed’ funded by Quest Alliance. Pro Rural team started the session by introducing Quest Alliance and its purpose, followed by a practical session on Business Management/Plan and informing about different kinds of Government Schemes and Bank loans for starting up a business like Mudra loan, PMEGP, CMEGP, etc; by our team. The Resource Person for Mushroom cultivation training was Mr. Hinoto Chishi who is the Proprietor of Fresh Caps Mushroom. He took the session through PowerPoint and shared different types of Processes for cultivating Mushroom and also shared some important points like Length and height of the room, temperature, medicine, and treatment on how to avoid bacterial and fungal infections; followed by a practical demonstration on how to prepare the mushroom spawning bags.

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