Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign in Senapati District, Manipur and Peren District, Nagaland

COVID Response

On realization of being the least vaccinated districts, the District Administration of Peren District in Nagaland and Senapati District, Manipur have called out NGOs to help in Community Mobilization to encourage the communities to avail the COVID-19 vaccination. In these districts, there was strong resistance to the COVID-19 vaccination as false rumors and disinformation have been spread among the people, particularly through social media. Hesitancy was at its peak and the government was not making a breakthrough to convince the people. The advantage of engaging NGOs was that the community might be more responsive and cooperate with popular NGOs.  Pro Rural a well-known NGO in the two districts, responded to the call. Eventually, the community mobilization was supported by the Azim Premji Foundation with financial help for operationalizing the initiative.

At the end of the campaign period, substantial progress was made in both districts.

DISTRICTTotal Vaccination Sessions ConductedHealth Mela cum vaccination drivePercentage of vaccinated in January 2022 (Start Month)Percentage of vaccinated in July 2022 (end month)
(Govt. figure)
Peren District12331248%73.73%
Senapati Dist.1154831%56.24%

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