Promote best practices on waste Management


Pro Rural trains people in different colonies, wards, and villages on composting kitchen waste with a simple technique and by mixing the organic bio-digester called Garbage to Gold (G2G) powder. Training is also imparted to institutions like hostels, army mess, housing complexes, and villages for institution-level composting with the same technique. The staff of Pro Rural has worked with a few municipalities that aimed to reduce 30% to 40% of waste going to the trenching/dumping grounds. The compost products are tested and recommended as rich nutrients for flower and vegetable gardens.

ZERO LITTERING CAMPAIGN: With the slogan “Catch them young for a clean and green city/village” and targeting the partnership of schools and colleges for the campaign. The design is to promote a “Zero Littering Lifestyle” for all citizens of the country/state to reduce pollution. The students undertake a signature campaign and receive the pledge of the signatories for a Zero Littering Lifestyle. In some areas, the campaign has been hugely successful. It provokes young people as “Climate Warriors” and such a certificate makes them proud campaign workers all their lives.

The participating school/college establishes a Zero Litter Crusaders’ club and members go through a grading system. As they join the club, they become “Zero Littering Crusaders” and after a series of actions taken up by him/her, they are promoted to “Zero Litter Champions” after fulfilling certain criteria/activities, he/she is promoted to “Solid Waste Management Opinion Leader” they belong to the principal’s club of opinion makers.

The school may also conduct various competitions like drawing, painting, slogan writing, graffiti, on climate change or anti-pollution themes. “Climate Warrior” certificates may be issued to successful club members that is established through the Network Partners of Zero Littering Campaign Participating Institutions. This may also be established by the District Administration, Municipal Corporations/Council. For more details write to:

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