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Experiential Learning Internship, Paid Internship, Vacant Posts

Experiential Learning Internship:

College and university students can apply for their block placements, which may be a requirement in their academic curriculum. Pro Rural has an internship policy and internship application. 

Internships are considered a ‘Give and Take’ arrangement where the student gets experiential learning through hands-on engagement in community development, while they lend a hand to our NGO in doing surveys, program implementation, and organizing some events. Urban students can opt to be placed with a family in a remote village to experience rural life and live like members of a rural family.

Paid Internship:

Paid internships are accepted from fresh graduates/post-graduates as per the needs of the organization. Specialized skills/knowledge of the intern that may be required at Pro Rural may be inducted as a paid intern for a specific period. In such cases on mutual grounds and with satisfactory performance by the intern she/he may be absorbed in a regular job position in the organization.

Vacant Posts:

Vacancies in the organization are advertised in local dailies, websites, social media networks, and some paid national/international websites. Frequent visits to our website or drop a CV to will be helpful.