With the support of Bread for the world, Germany. Nsong Area Development Organization (NADO) Organized a Livestock Management Training in collaboration with Pro Rural at two villages under Tening Block, namely Nsong Village and Ngam village. The main focused of this training is to encourage the village community to sustain their livelihood by rearing livestock for commercial purpose and also form FPO in their area so that the village community can work together and slowly bring development to their village.

Ngam Village Day 1 :

Mr. Haisoching the Village Council Secretary of Ngam Village and also NADO executive member led the program. The training began with the invoking of God’s blessing by Mr. Namdei Lame Decon Ngam Village. The Introduction was done by Pro Rural Director Mr. Paul Lokho. The livestock session was taken up by Mrs. Kangyiheile President of Peren Pig Growers Company Ltd and Mrs. Kiengausile member of Punglwa Village. The topics covered were:

  • Selection of Piglets
  • Housing
  • Breeding
  • Feeding
  • Fattening
  • Disease

Nsong Village Day 2 :

Mr. Irangchang  Pro Rural Field Coordinator for Bread for the world Project led the program. Mr. Ipetsing license pastor Nsong Village grace the program followed by introduction Mr. Paul Lokho Director of Pro Rural. He encourage the village community to actively participate and start rearing pigs. the topic covered were:

  1. Selection of Piglets
  2. Housing
  3. Breeding
  4. Feeding
  5. Fattening
  6. Disease

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