Poultry Training


A total of 15 trainees were trained at Diphupar- A, 4th mile on Poultry Farming under the project “Skills to Succeed” funded by Quest Alliance. Pro Rural team started the session by introducing Quest Alliance and its purpose, followed by a practical session on Business Management/planning and informing about different kinds of Government Schemes and Bank loans for starting up a business like Mudra loan, PMEGP, CMEGP, etc; by our team. The resource person for Poultry training was Dr. Nzanthung Patton who is also a proprietor of Pets and Vets. He took the session through power point where he showed different kinds of breeds of chickens that can be raised locally, information on each breed and how to raise them, and types of treatments and medicines used.

INTRODUCTION: Asst.Director Pfokho John Pro Rural Dimapur.

Dr. Nzanthung resource person taking a session on Poultry Training.

ENERGIZER: Asst. Director with trainees

GENDER EQUALITY: Victor and Khukhrie Interns from Martin Luther Christian University(MLCU) Shillong.

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